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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tell All Tuesday: Let's Have Some Fun!

I love games. Games are my JAM. One of the reasons that I love teaching first grade so much is the copious amount of games I get to play teach my students. Board games, cards games, trivia, puzzles, I love it all. So imagine my excitement to combine game-playing and blogging into one fun link-up with two of my FAVORITE bloggers: Jayme from Teach Talk Inspire and Diana from My Day In K for a little Tell All Tuesday: Two Truths and A Lie.  Are you ready to start guessing?

Here's the rundown: below you will find two truths about me and one little lie. Are you ready to dig through my sarcasm and find the truth? Leave your guesses in the comments below and I'll be back in a couple days to reveal!

Both my husband I are only children. Though our families are small, we are incredibly close and celebrate all the holidays together. Since we also have several close friends that are only children (seriously, not sure what's in the water over here) we have it all planned for them to be stand-in aunts and uncles for our kids (I'm looking at you, Audrie). 
I love adventure and am always looking for something fun and new to try! I thrive on the risk and love the adrenaline rush. It's so different from the teacher side of me, but I think it keeps me sane! I went sky diving a couple years ago and can't wait to go again. Next on my bucket list? Zip lining in Costa Rica. Who's with me?

I am obsessed with historical periods and fully believe I was born in the wrong century. I definitely should have come into the world circa 1895. Bring on the corsets, ridiculous customs, and formalities. Lady Mary Crowley is my spirit animal. 

Can't wait to read your guesses in the comments below...and don't forget to link up with Jayme and Diana to join in!


  1. These are tricky! Hmm...I'm going to guess #2! I totally agree with you on #3, so I hope that's not the lie! This link up has been so much fun! I LOVE your blog name and design, it's so perfect! So glad I got to 'meet' you through the link up!

    Warmest Wishes,

  2. This game is super hard! I'm going to say #1 is the lie.
    Always Kindergarten

  3. How fun! We are going to guess that the "lie" is number 3!?!?!

  4. I'm guessing #2! Can't wait to find out! :)

  5. Hi Nicole! I love all of your "facts!" I really hope that number three is true because I LOVE it! I have always felt that way and am obsessed with all things Downton Abbey, oh to be Mary Crawley. I'm hoping we can share in this obsession! I'm going to say that number 2 is your lie. Thank you so much for linking up my friend, this is so much fun!

    Teach Talk Inspire

  6. I'm guessing number 1 is the lie. If 2 is true, zip lining in Costa Rica is amazing! We went on our honeymoon and it was so much fun!

  7. I'm going to guess 2, Nicole! Mostly because #1 and #3 are posts I could have written about myself! My hubby and I are only children and I LOVE history. Historical fiction is one of my favorite genres to read. Great post. Can't wait to read more!
    The Whole Wheat Class

  8. I absolutely love your blog!! I am going to guess that number 3 is the lie!!!! Can't wait to find out:)


  9. All 3 of yours sound like the truth...I am going with #2. I agree with you on #3, if that is really the truth. Great to get to know a bit more about you.

    Luv My Kinders

  10. This is hard Nicole, all your "facts" sound good. I am going to have to go with number 2. Thanks for linking up!

  11. Hi!
    I think 1 and 3 are the truth and 2 is the lie. If 1 is true, I'm an only, too :)

    Made with Love

  12. I think 3 is the lie! You seem like a risk taker who loves to live in the present!! I can't wait to find out!

  13. Hi! Hmm...I'm going to guess that #1 is the lie. Can't wait to hear!
    Mrs B's First Grade